Company Vision

Accelerating the Future of IoT with Millimeter-Scale Smart Sensors

CubeWorks has been leading revolutionary advances in ultra-low power computing through its CubiSens™ platform, the first truly autonomous wireless sensing platform in a millimeter-scale footprint. 

The company’s origins spring from the Michigan Micro Mote (M3) initiative, a project at the University of Michigan focused on extending the boundaries of computing. The modular aspects of the CubiSens™ platform enable it to efficiently and quickly adapt to a diverse array of sensing and monitoring demands – from infrastructure alerting to in-vivo continuous health monitoring. 

The remarkably tiny form factor, wireless capability, self-powering, and extended lifetime of CubiSens™ makes it the perfect platform for realizing ubiquitous computing. CubeWorks’ existing portfolio of prototypes are capable of:

  • Temperature Sensing
  • Pressure Sensing
  • Humidity Sensing
  • Motion Detection (3-axis)
  • Light Dose Measurement
  • Imaging with Visual Motion Detection and Object Recognition
  • Voice Activity and Acoustic Signature Detection
  • Audio Recording

We are actively working to expand the breadth of applications and position our CubiSens™ technology as pivotal in Internet of Everything (IoE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances.


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