CubiSens™ TC110 Evaluation Kit

World’s Smallest Wireless Sensor with Industry-Leading Precision

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The CubiSens™ TC110 is a smart wireless temperature logger ideal for continuous biological and reagent process monitoring. Each TC110 smart logger is fully encapsulated in bio-compatible epoxy and can be directly immersed in fluid samples, enabling rapid, direct, and spatially accurate in-situ measurement. With unprecedented minimal form factor, CubiSens™ TC110 can be deployed in small-volume fluid samples without interfering with the process environment. Measurement interval is programmable and the data is stored in internal memory and wirelessly read out on the base station.


Evaluation Kit Contents:

  • 5x TC110 Smart Temperature Logger
  • CubiSens™ Gateway (CSG100-T9)
  • TC110 Base Station (CCS100-F)
  • TC110 Interface Software

TC110 Highlights:

  • Extremely small size (1.7 x 3.9 x 2.1 mm3)
  • Lightweight (21mg)
  • Accurate in-situ measurement in small spaces
  • Completely wireless operation and readout
  • Low thermal mass (32.5mJ/°K)
  • Fast response time (τ: 3.5s (1-e-t/τ))
  • Superior temperature accuracy (±0.05°C)
  • Wide temperature range (0-105°C)
  • Bio-compatible (USP class VI)
  • Variable sampling rate (1s – 1hr)
  • 8,000+ onboard data storage
  • Rugged packaging (sustains 5,000 psi)
  • Wireless charging

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