CubiSens™ AH110 Evaluation Kit

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The CubiSens™ AH110 is a programmable smart tag ideal for unobtrusive wireless monitoring of assets that require both security against unwarranted handling and protection against dangerous environmental conditions. The tags feature operational lifetimes of more than five years, extendable to over 10 years with different battery options. With their incredibly small form factors and long-range wireless alert system, CubiSens™ AH110 smart tags can be deployed onto any asset that needs to be tracked, delivering complete peace of mind. CubiSens™ smart tags are fully encapsulated in non-toxic epoxy and can be directly adhered to high value assets.


Evaluation Kit Contents:

  • 5x CubiSens™ AH110 Smart Tags
  • CubiSens™ Gateway (CSG100-A9)
  • CubiSens™ Optical Programmer
  • AH110 Interface Software

AH110 Highlights:

  • Unobtrusive wireless monitoring
  • 5+ years of battery life
  • 100m wireless range
  • Very small size (22 x 12 x 6mm3)
  • Lightweight (3.05g)
  • Continuous three-axis motion detection
  • ±0.1°C temperature accuracy
  • ±1.5% RH humidity accuracy
  • Variable check-in period (5s to 1hr)
  • Rugged packaging (sustains 5,000 psi)

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