CubiSens™ TS100

Ultra-Small Implantable* Wireless Temperature Sensor

7.5 x 7.5 x 4.2 mm

Accurate, Small, and

The CubiSens™ TS100 brings a whole new dimension of size and functionality to temperature monitoring for environmental, biological, and research applications.

The TS100 has the ability to in real time monitor, log, and transmit temperature data to our gateway up to 100 meters away. The TS100 is encapsulated in bio-compatible epoxy and fully programmable to accurately measure temperature within 0.1°C as often as once a second. What’s more, this tiny smart sensor is reusable and can run for over one year depending on how it is programmed.

The TS100 is ideal for animal model in vivo studies and, due to its size and construction, requires minimal incision for implantation, enabling breakthroughs in biomedical science. Click here to learn how researchers at the National Institutes of Health have used TS100s to accurately measure the core body temperature of mice.

Contact us today to purchase CubiSens™ TS100s, and download the CubiSens™ TS100 brochure and the latest application note for more information.

*Not approved by the FDA and not intended for human implants.

Product Description

The CubiSens™ TS100 Temperature Sensor is a millimeter-scale wireless sensor for continuous temperature measurement. Measuring 7.5 x 7.5 x 4.2 mm, the TS100 is capable of transmitting up to 100 m in distance and can run for over one year in sensing operation depending on how it is programmed.

The sensor is packaged in bio-compatible epoxy and coated with parylene, making it ideal for implantation in animal models.

Key Features

  • Remarkably small form factor (0.3cm3)
  • Lightweight (0.5g)
  • 100m Line-of-Sight
  • 20m wireless range implanted in vivo
  • Over 1 year of battery life depending on how it is programmed
  • ±0.1°C temperature accuracy
  • Variable sampling rate (1sec to 1hr)
  • Bio-compatible packaging


State-of-the-art temperature precision

Environmental monitoring with minimal footprint

Minimal incision implants for in vivo experiments

Suitable for long-term biomedical experiments

Smart sensing with anomaly detection & alert

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x L x H)7.5 x 7.5 x 4.2 mm
Weight0.5 g
ProcessorARM Cortex M0
Memory16 kB Retentive SRAM
Temperature Sensor Accuracy± 0.1˚C
Battery LifeOver 1 year depending on how it is programmed
Shelf Life1 - 2 years
Wireless Range100m Line-of-Sight to CubiSens™ Gateway
Radio Operation Frequency915 MHz (US Version) / 868 MHz (European Version)
Encapsulation MaterialBio-Compatible Epoxy & Parylene
Operation Temperature10˚C - 55˚C
Recommended Storage Temperature10˚C - 30˚C
Optical Communication Temperature20˚C - 30˚C

TS Wireless Gateway and Optical Programmer

The CubiSens™ Gateway is a secure wireless receiver for collecting data from dozens of TS sensors up to 100 meters away, and it is equipped with USB and Ethernet ports for the seamless transfer of information. The CubiSens™ Optical Programmer is used in combination with the CubiSens™ TS GUI (i.e. Microsoft Windows Programming Software) to configure the operational and sensitivity settings of the TS100. The CubiSens™ Gateway is sold separately based on needs.

CSG100-A9 CubiSens™ Gateway Specifications

RF Receiving Frequency915MHz ISM
Size141 x 81 x 33mm
Power Source5V DC
Power Consumption10W