CubiSens™ AH110 Smart Tag

Revolutionizing Security and Environmental Monitoring

Size and performance is what makes the CubiSens™ AH110 different. In a package not much bigger than a vitamin pill is a programmable smart tag ideal for unobtrusive wireless monitoring of movement, temperature, and humidity. The CubiSens™ AH110 transmits data and alarms to our gateway up to 100 meters away and runs for up to seven years. Use it to securely monitor everything from a door opening to the operating temperature of a cooler, without wires or supplemental power. Applications in environmental and security monitoring are limitless. 

CubiSens™ AH110

22 x 12 x 6 mm3


  • Millimeter-scale form factor
  • Lightweight (3g)
  • 5-7 year battery life
  • 100m line-of-sight wireless range
  • Continuous 3-axis motion detection
  • Magnetic tamper detection (custom option)
  • ±0.1°C temperature accuracy (±0.05°C optional)
  • ±1.5% RH humidity accuracy
  • Variable check-in  period (5s to 1hr)
  • On-board sample/data storage (custom option)


  • Unobtrusive low-maintenance wireless monitoring and logging for extended lifetime
  • Automatic alerts on detection of unauthorized movement or handling
  • Automatic alerts on dangerous environmental levels
  • Periodic check-in messages for environmental and locational assurance
  • Trusted environmental history, even when isolated from power and control systems

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