Healthcare Applications

Imagine a smart sensor so small it can be injected into body tissue using a medical syringe. A device that can measure the pressure inside tumors and collect and transmit data to a receiver located on a bedside table.

Or a millimeter-scale sensor that monitors intraocular pressure inside the eye. A sensor with on-board processor, battery and wireless capabilities that can be easily injected and remain inside the body for months or years, depending on need.

The millimeter-scale form factor of CubiSens™ platform opens up enormous opportunities in the medical field. Combined with its long lifetime and bio-compatibility, our technology is ideal for implantable applications with minimal incision. 

Examples include continuous assessment of tumor growth, monitoring blood glucose levels for diabetic patients, and prevention of vision loss for patients with glaucoma. And these are just a few of the possibilities.

CubiSens™ Intracranial Pressure Monitor

Innovative Smart Shunt Technology for Hydrocephalus Patients

A millimeter-scale wireless sensor that can monitor intracranial pressure (ICP) for hydrocephalus patients. Based on ultra-low power circuit technology, the ICP monitor creates a smart shunt for hydrocephalus patients, allowing continuous monitoring of the shunt status and ICP pressure to improve the treatment of this life-long illness.

The goal of this initiative is a truly smart shunt featuring a CubiSens™ ICP monitor with a 20-year lifetime that can be embedded within a shunt reservoir.

CubiSens™ Intraocular Pressure Monitor

Continuous Eye Pressure Monitoring inside the Anterior Chamber

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness, affecting 67 million people worldwide. The disease damages the optic nerve due to elevated Intraocular Pressure (IOP) and can cause complete vision loss if not effectively treated. IOP is commonly assessed using a single tonometric measurement, which provides a limited view as IOP fluctuates with circadian rhythms and physical activity.

To achieve continuous monitoring, CubeWorks is developing a cubic-millimeter IOP monitor with energy-autonomous operation and wireless communication using the CubiSens™ platform. This device would be implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye, an area that is surgically accessible and out of the field of vision, making it a desirable and viable location for the device.

Potential benefits include improved treatment regimens, the ability to assess patient compliance on medication schedules and prevention of unnecessary vision loss.

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