Precision Sensing with CubiSens™ f-Series

World’s Smallest Wireless Sensor with Industry-Leading Precision

The CubiSens™ f-Series is a family of programmable and rechargeable smart loggers ideal for continuous biological and reagent process monitoring. Each CubiSens™ smart logger is fully encapsulated in bio-compatible epoxy and can be directly immersed in fluid samples, enabling rapid, direct, and spatially accurate in-situ measurement.

With unprecedented minimal form factor, CubiSens™ f-Series sensors can be deployed in small-volume fluid samples without interfering with the process environment. Measurement interval is programmable and data is stored in internal memory. After retrieval, a base station is used to wirelessly read out stored measurements and recharge the smart loggers. 

CubiSens™ f-Series TC100

2 x 4.2 x 2.5 mm3


  • Extremely small and lightweight (21mm3, 36mg)
  • Completely wireless operation and readout
  • Superior temperature accuracy (±0.05°C)
  • Wide temperature range
  • Pre-calibrated, NIST traceable (optional)
  • Bio-compatible (USP class VI)
  • Variable sampling rate (1s – 1hr)
  • 8,000+ onboard sample/data storage
  • Rugged packaging (sustains 5,000 psi)
  • Wireless charging


  • Accurate in-situ measurement in small spaces 
  • Low thermal mass (32.5mJ/°K) 
  • Fast response time (τ: 3.5s (1-e-t/τ)) 
  • Deployable in microplates, small  bottles
  • Programmable for specific applications 
  • Tracks rapid temperature changes 
  • Light-based wireless charging for extended active and storage lifetime

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