CubiSens™ XT1

Transforming the Biopharma
Cold Chain

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Redefining Cold Chain Monitoring

Fragmented temperature monitoring. Data aggregation challenges. Incomplete tracking of shipments at the “first mile” and “last mile.” These are serious problems in the pharmaceutical cold chain that result in the disqualification of millions of doses of biologic drugs annually.

Enter the CubiSens™ XT1, a small, wireless smart sensor and a revolutionary solution for monitoring temperature and tracing doses of biologics at the product level. The XT1 can be attached to shipments of biopharmaceuticals, as well as individual vials and syringes, to provide the temperature history for a product’s lifetime.

First-Ever Unit-Level Sensing

Use the XT1 to prove originality of product and take action to prevent the disqualification of shipments. The XT1 is small enough to be affixed to individual boxes, vials, and syringes, and can operate in sensing mode for up to 3 years. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and “3PLs” now have complete visibility of temperature history throughout the supply chain.

Smart, Fine-Grain Sensing, Superior Results

The XT1 is a comprehensive tracking solution that is both easy to use and deploy. Use the XT1 as a digital record of proof of regulatory compliance. With the XT1, users can mitigate the threat of lost revenue.


Wirelessly track the temperature of individual and high-value, high-risk, products, such as biologics, for a product’s lifetime.


Monitor biopharmaceuticals from the “first mile” to the “last mile” of the cold chain to ensure quality and compliance.


Coming soon.
Receive real-time status and advanced multi-level excursion alerts to take actions and drive process improvement.

CubiSens™ XT1 Product Lineup

The XT1 product lineup features a new generation of tags with ultra-small form factor and battery life. Say “goodbye” to bulky tracking devices.

Coming soon.


Real-Time Temperature and Location Tracking

3-Year Operation

Superior Battery Life and Storage

±0.3°C Accuracy

Built for Integrity

16mm ø x 5mm

Ultra-Small and Unit-Level Ready

Powered by Patented Technology

The XT1 is based on years of research on ultra-low-power circuits, and it was born out of the University of Michigan’s Michigan Integrated Circuits Lab. The XT1 features CubeWorks’ patented CubiSens™ technology, resulting in a next-generation IoT sensor that is completely wireless and 100x smaller than conventional data loggers.


Cloud Platform for Data Management and Analytics

XTcloud™ offers a comprehensive solution for managing and analyzing data generated by the XT1.
Coming soon: real time data from the XT1 RT, and AI-based analytics and predictions.

Technical Specifications

CubiSens™ XT1 NFC
Dimensions 16mm ø x 5mm
Battery Life3 Years
Temperature Accuracy±0.3°C
Temperature Resolution0.1°C
Operation Temperature-30ºC to 65ºC
Calibration MethodIndividual Calibration
Wireless ConnectionSmartphone / NFC Interface

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