COMING SOON: Vial-level temperature tracking and tracing solution for pharmaceutical logistics.

Precisely track and monitor temperature and humidity.

An easy-to-use implantable temperature tracker for animal model research.

The ability to monitor movement allows for a new level of security.

Protect assets without complicated wiring and obtrusive security devices.

Millimeter-scale temperature monitor to calibrate and track temperature in ways never before possible.

The Next­
Generation of IoT
Sensor Technology

Introducing the CubiSens™ Platform

Real-Time Tracking






The World’s Smallest Sensors

Sensor technology has advanced considerably and it is time to re-evaluate the products you are using.

CubeWorks’ CubiSens™ Platform empowers ubiquitous wireless sensing, smart processing, and energy harvesting – all in unprecedented, millimeter-scale form factors.

Redefining Ultra-Low-Power Computing

CubeWorks has shifted the standard of ultra-low-power microcomputing, critical for battery miniaturization and lifetime extension.

  • Up to 200 Meters

    wireless range

  • Millimeter Scale

    sensor fully self-contained

  • 1000x

    lower power consumption

The CubiSens™ Platform

The CubiSens™ technology boasts uncompromised precision and performance, up to 200-meter wireless range, and 1000x lower power consumption than competitors, all in fully self-contained millimeter-size packaging. It enables the next generation of smallest wireless sensors that actively sense their environment, make smart decisions, and wirelessly transmit the results.

Versatile and Smart Sensing to Fit Your Applications

The CubiSens™ Platform is flexible and easy to use and deploy. For the first time, protect assets, monitor movement, and track temperature and humidity with ease, and without wires or high installation costs.

Track and wirelessly monitor temperature and humidity in rooms, coolers, storage units, warehouses, trucks, and packaging - any place you can think of.

Measure and track temperature in production processes, laboratory experiments, and animal model research in ways never before possible.

Wirelessly monitor any door, drawer, window, asset, and almost any object using our advanced motion and movement detection abilities.

Our Clients Include:

The means to collect mission-critical information exactly when and where you need it.

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