CubeWorks introduces

The next generation of ultra-low-power, ultra-small sensor technology.

The Need for Better Solutions

Sensors are used everywhere to track and monitor everything from movement to temperature, and used in applications ranging from security to research. However, today’s sensor solutions use old technology that are expensive to install and maintain, and are often large and intrusive.

The Challenge

Energy consumption is a major limiting factor affecting the next generation of sensors and sensing technologies. It directly impacts size, functionality, wireless range, and battery life among other things.

Another important challenge is cost, not just the cost of the sensor but the total cost of using a sensing solution. The cost of labor (i.e. installation and maintenance) and cost of use (e.g. time, integration, and supplies) can add up.

Intelligent power and clock gating, heavy duty cycling, and new communication protocols emphasizing minimal energy consumption, combined with ultra-low-power analog circuit designs, allow us to achieve the energy budgets required for ultra-long lifetimes in such small form factors.

Gyouho Kim

CubeWorks CEO

New Ultra-Low-Power Technology

Our team at CubeWorks, comprised of postdoctoral researchers and professors from the University of Michigan, has worked for nearly a decade to address the challenges of energy consumption and miniaturization in sensors and we have come up with a solution.

We have developed a number of integrated circuit (IC) designs and techniques that use 1000x less power than commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components and solutions. Additionally, we have created ultra-intelligent (i.e. computer on a chip) technology that enables our sensors to intelligently manage sensing functionalities and use advanced wireless protocols to transmit data to our gateway up to 200 meters away.

A New Solution, and A Better Option

CubeWorks has developed the CubiSens™ Platform, a portfolio of ultra-low-power, ultra-smart wireless sensors. These sensors, measuring just millimeters in scale, are fully programmable, have up to a 200-meter wireless range, up to seven-years of battery life, and are able to actively and in real time monitor temperature, humidity, and movement.

A World of Possibilities

The battery life, size, and intelligence, in addition to their ease of use, make the CubiSens™ Platform a significant advancement in IoT sensing technology and a powerful sensing solution for an ever-growing range of applications.