The CubiSens™ Platform:
Next-Generation Ubiquitous Sensing

for a wide range of industries and applications.

New Opportunities, Countless Applications

Sensor products and solutions haven’t changed much over the last decade, resulting in a technological gap ripe for innovation. CubeWorks has stepped up to fill this gap with a new suite of sensors unprecedented in size, battery life, and intelligence.

These revolutionary sensors offer a new level of ease-of-use and versatility, and the ability to collect information and data in ways previously not possible or practical. The potential applications are countless.

Revolutionary Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Solution

Fragmented temperature monitoring. Data aggregation challenges. Incomplete tracking of shipments at the “first mile” and “last mile.” A dangerously robust counterfeit drug market. These are serious problems in the biopharma cold chain that endanger lives and result in the disqualification of millions of doses of biologic drugs annually.

The CubiSens™ XT1 NFC is a tiny temperature tracker that can be attached to shipments of biopharmaceuticals, as well as individual vials and syringes, and provides temperature history for a product’s lifetime. Data from the XT1 NFC is available instantaneously through the XTscan™ App, enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistics providers to ensure temperature compliance.


A New Era of Advanced Security

Security is an area in which sensors play a significant role. The CubiSens™ AH110 wireless smart sensor brings unparalleled flexibility and functionality to security control and monitoring.

Smaller than a nickel, the AH110 wireless smart sensor discreetly and in real time monitors everything from movement (e.g. a door or drawer opening, a window breaking, or assets being moved) to environmental conditions (i.e. temperature and humidity). The AH110 can be installed at scale on virtually anything and within seconds, has over five years of battery life, and easily interfaces with your security software. Want to learn more?


Advanced Asset Protection

Protecting your assets and valuables from theft and environmental wear can be challenging. Solutions have historically been complex and expensive to install and maintain, but not anymore. The safeguarding of your priceless assets can now be accomplished with just one sensor – the CubiSens™ AH110 always-on wireless smart sensor.

Easily monitor every size and type of object using our advanced motion and movement detection technology while sensing changes in temperature and humidity. The AH110 provides security professionals with more functionality than a suite of traditional, specialized sensors at a fraction of the total cost. Ask us how the AH110 is being used in advanced asset protection.


Advanced Ubiquitous Monitoring

The constant need for information forces suppliers, warehousers, distributors, and retailers to upgrade or retrofit facilities and infrastructure to meet growing compliance and safety requirements. Temperature and humidity monitoring plays a big role, and that is why the CubiSens™ AH110 wireless smart sensor solution is so valuable.

It is a simple, small, easy-to-install-and-maintain wireless sensor that lasts for over five years to monitor and ensure product quality and safety. Additionally, the AH110 can monitor movement (e.g. the opening and closing of a door) to provide additional data and levels of protection. Contact us to learn how this sensor solution can be used and interfaced with your current software.


Advanced Research

Collecting data while conducting research can be challenging. To make things worse, tools and techniques haven’t changed much over the years. That is until now. Introducing two new tools – the CubiSens™ TS110 and TC110 millimeter-scale wireless temperature smart sensors.

Both are fully programmable, highly accurate, biocompatible (i.e. safe for implantation), and able to store up to 8,000 data points. The TS110 can actively transmit data 25 meters away and has up to one year of battery life, while the TC110 is small enough to record temperature variations in a test tube in a centrifuge and is rechargeable. To learn more about the research applications of this new technology for collecting better data contact CubeWorks today.


Advanced Data Collection and Calibration

Clunky and inaccurate temperature sensors simply won’t cut it. You need a reliable sensor that will keep production processes and systems running at optimal levels. This is where the CubiSens™ TC110 comes in.

Use the world’s smallest wireless temperature sensor (no larger than a grain of rice) to collect temperature data as never before. This tiny programmable and rechargeable data logger is encapsulated in biocompatible epoxy and able to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, perfect for monitoring production processes or calibration systems. Learn more about this revolutionary, first-of-its-kind wireless smart sensor today by contacting CubeWorks.