CubiSens™ TS110

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Ultra-Small Implantable Wireless Temperature Sensor

The CubiSens™ TS110 small wireless temperature sensor can in real time monitor, log and transmit temperature data to our gateway up to 100 meters away. The TS110 is encapsulated in bio-compatible epoxy and fully programmable to accurately measure temperature within 0.1°C as often as once a second. What’s more, this tiny smart sensor can run for over one year depending on how it is programmed.

The CubiSens™ TS110 brings a new dimension of size and functionality to temperature monitoring for environmental, biological, and research applications. The TS110 is also ideal for animal model in vivo studies and, due to its size and construction, requires minimal incision for implantation, enabling breakthroughs in biomedical science.

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