XTscan™ App

Install the XTscan™ mobile app on your mobile device to begin using the CubiSens™ XT1 NFC.

QR code pointing to XTscan app on iOS app store

Suitable for iOS mobile devices starting with iPhone 8 and newer.

Link to XTscan app on Google Play store

Suitable for Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola, LG, and other Android mobile devices.

About XTscan™

The XTscan™ mobile app makes managing your XT1™ NFC sensors quick and easy. NFC is used to send commands to the tag and read data from the tag with a simple tap. Quick Scan™ provides an instant overview of the tag configuration, alarm status, battery health, and memory usage. Full scan reads the complete temperature recording from the sensor and sends it to XTcloud™ for further review and response. The tag configuration, including sample interval, start delay, and thresholds, can be changed before starting the tag. When starting the tag references such as product ID, lot number, and shipping or tracking numbers can be associated with the recorded data.

Use the XTscan™ mobile app to read, start, stop, and configure the XT1™ sensor with a simple tap. Sensor details as well as the temperature graph and alarm status can be reviewed within the app, and a link to the sensor record on XTcloud™ will be available for immediate review. The XT1™ NFC sensor display will show the status of the tag and its alarm state so a quick glance is all that’s needed to assure an unbroken cold chain. The XTscan™ app can be used at any time to review the detailed temperature data and update XTcloud™ with the latest tag readings.

XTscan™ will send sensor data to XTcloud™ showing the sensor configuration and data, as well as the locations the sensor was started, read, and stopped. Email alerts will be sent for sensors reporting an alarm condition, and reports generated with the sensor data, alerts, and location information. Reference information, such as tracking numbers, lot ID, product ID, can be associated with a record when the tag is started with XTscan™, or after a Full Scan. This reference information can be used to find specific records on XTcloud™.